The Art of Moving Drawers: How to Safely Move Item-filled Drawers to Your New Home

When moving home, you are faced with a number of important decisions regarding the logistics of your move. Bureaus and dressers pose a unique problem. Not only are they filled with clothing and assorted items, which you would rather not have to remove if possible, but they also contain drawers which are notoriously difficult to shift, especially when full.

In many cases, it is possible to leave items inside drawers for your move to your new home. However, you do need to consider the risks before making a decision.

Consider the Weight Involved

Obviously, weight will become an issue if your dresser/bureau is heavy or bulky. If you are arranging the move yourself, without the help of a removalist, then consider emptying the drawers of any furniture that is already difficult to lift.

However, if you are using a removalist, make sure you inform them of your plans to leave items in the drawers. That way, when they come to do their inspection they can evaluate the weight and ascertain whether it is feasible to leave items in drawers.

Think About the Bumps in the Road

If you are moving a long distance, for instance, one state to another, you should be aware that you are bound to encounter a few bumps along the way. That means any drawer bottoms that have seen better days could give way, spilling the contents of your dresser/bureau onto the drawers below.

Not only will this damage your furniture, but it will also make moving it more difficult due to the uneven weight distribution.

Choose Carefully What You Leave in Drawers

Clothes are generally safe as long as your drawers are sturdy. However, loose items such as books, art stationary or spare plugs, for example, could leave your drawers scratched and battered.

You could pack drawers with bubble wrap or paper in bags to fill in all gaps before your move in order to reduce the chances of making a mess in your drawers.

Shrink Wrap Drawers Firmly Shut

Always wrap drawers shut with shrink wrap to ensure that they remain closed during your move, especially if you have chosen to leave items in them. The last thing you need is for them to slide out while your movers are carrying them upstairs.

Moving bureaus or dressers that contain clothing or other items is possible as long as you properly evaluate the risks, and ensure that there are no messy surprises in store for you on moving day. 

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