Tips on How to Choose a High-Security Locking System for Your Self Storage Unit

Renting a self storage unit is a great way of decluttering your home by putting away stuff that's rarely used. When choosing a facility, you should look for security cameras, proper fencing, and make sure the area is well lit. You also need to ensure that your unit is properly secured by choosing the right locking system.  There are different types of locks that you can purchase, all of which offer varying levels of security. Read on to find out some of the top options and their pros and cons so that you can choose the best locking system for your self storage unit.

Disc locks

Disc locks are among the best locks that you can choose for a storage facility where a high level of security is required. These locks come in a round shape, and this makes them quite hard to break. They have a U-shaped hasp which is designed in such a way that the lock cannot be removed using bold cutters. To break through a disc lock without the key requires a lot of time, tools, and too much noise which may attract attention. This makes them burglar deterrent and suitable for a self storage unit.

Keyless locks

Keyless locks are opened using a series of numbers or a combination code. The greatest benefit of these locks is that you don't have to worry about carrying around your key or losing it. This minimizes the chances of unauthorized persons accessing your unit.  When buying a keyless lock for your unit, avoid the standard combination locks as they can be easily cut using a hacksaw or bolt cutter. Go for a quality and sturdy lock, preferably made out of stainless steel. Also, make sure that the combination code has more than four digits to reduce the risk of someone guessing the access code and getting it right.

Closed shackle padlock

Most people associate padlocks with the U-shaped lock design which is found on cylinder locks. The design of these locks makes it easy for them to be easily cut; hence, they are not the safest option for a storage unit. Closed shackle padlocks are padlocks which have a heavy duty cover around the U-shaped part of the lock. The cover makes the process of cutting through the lock difficult, time-consuming, and noisy. By opting for a closed shackle padlock as opposed to the traditional lock, you can significantly increase the security of your unit.

Weigh the pros and cons of these locking systems and chose the best one for your unit. Remember to get the right size as locks come in varying sizes which may not fit on unit's door latches.

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