A Guide To Storing Books

If you have a large collection of books and you're running out space to store them in your home, you might want to consider renting a secure self storage unit as a solution to your problem.

So, why would a self-storage unit be a good option to consider for storing your collection of books?

Environmental control

Books must be stored in an environment that is dry and cool in order to prevent damage to the paper and ink. This is particularly important when storing very old, valuable books, which could easily become faded or 'foxed'.

Self-storage units are sealed, making them completely dry. Dampness is the book owner's worst enemy, as is can cause mould to form on the book covers and pages. If paper becomes damp, it can also quickly become discoloured and stained, or 'foxed', meaning that your books will lose their pristine condition and value.

Additionally, book covers can be damaged by direct sunlight, and a self-storage unit will provide you with a dark environment where your books will be safe.

Vermin and pests

Paper is very attractive to pests such as termites. Certain species of moths also lay their eggs on leather and paper so that their emerging larvae have a ready food source when they hatch. Mice will happily chew up books in order to create nesting material, leaving your collection literally in tatters. However, self-storage units are sealed, meaning that no mice or other pests can gain entry, ensuring that your book collection is safe.

Before placing your books in storage, examine the area carefully for black insect eggs. Brush away any that you discover with a small paint brush. Never use insect killer on your books, as this will damage the ink and paper.

Stacking your books

To avoid your books becoming warped and to prevent damage to the spines, always pack them lying flat in rigid boxes with additional soft paper packing around each one. Never use newspaper to pack your books, as the acid contained in the paper can cause damage to the ink. Packing your books for storage in this way prevents them from becoming knocked and damaged and keeps them free from dust.

If you have a large amount of books to store, you can ask your self-storage unit provider to set your unit up with racking. Place the boxes of books on the racking and label them clearly so that you can find editions quickly and easily.

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