3 Questions to Ask Your Potential Furniture Removalist Company

Before you hire any potential furniture removalist company, you need to ensure you've asked all the right questions so you know what's included in their services. You also need to know what to expect before your move and once that moving day arrives. Note a few of those questions here so nothing is overlooked and your move runs as smoothly as possible.

1. Ask what furniture should be disassembled

A furniture removalist will usually remove legs and feet from furniture and may also remove bulky arms that could break if hit by something in the back of a truck. They may also remove drawers from dressers.

However, they may not disassemble computer pieces and other electronics and may not take the doors off certain antique cabinets and other pieces, as these may be too delicate for them to handle. Some removalists will manage these items as well as standard furniture, but this might involve a separate fee. In any case, always ask about this so you know what pieces you may need to prepare on your own before moving day arrives.

2. Ask if they can take moving materials with them

Once you arrive at your new home, you may begin unpacking right away, and the removalists typically help with this. Ask if they can take your moving materials with them and if they recycle these materials. This can mean far less trash you need to gather up after a move and can also mean that those boxes and other materials don't simply wind up in a landfill. If the removalist company provides boxes for you, note if you get a discount for turning them back in after your move is completed, as the company can then resell or reuse them.

3. Ask about pets and other special needs

If you have pets of any sort, always ask if they can include them in the move, even if the pet will be in a kennel or crate of some sort. Not all removalists will handle animals; if they do, they may need to ensure that this kennel or crate is properly packed away in the truck, leaving space for air circulation. There may also be laws about moving an animal in a truck that would affect your move, such as the type of crate to be used. You might also ask about any delicate items, such as plants and landscaping trees, that you want to keep with you and anything else that might need special handling in the back of a removalist's truck.

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