When Murphy's Law Strikes Your Move: How to Move on Settlement Day without Being Moved to Tears

If you are moving house, the last thing you want to do is move your things out--or in--on settlement day. With so many parties involved in the process and with time at such a premium, trying to manage your move in the midst of the chaos could leave you swimming in anxiety. And at a time when Aussies are more anxious than ever before, it's probably a good idea if you avoid that possibility.

Sometimes, you have no choice but to move on settlement day. Murphy's law; however, need not apply, at least not if you are well prepared beforehand. Yes, you might need nerves of steel and an ironclad resolve, but the following preparations should suffice to keep your move on track.

Hire Removalists to Load Your Things the Day Before

Even if you are packing or have packed everything yourself, you still need to load it and transport it to your new house. Doing this on settlement day could mean rushing and this not only puts your removal men in danger, but your possessions too.

Instead of panicking on settlement day, get your removalists to load up all your things the day before. That way, they can return in the morning and transport your things to your new home. However, if your settlement still isn't sorted with the new place, you should plan to have the removalists keep your things in storage for a day. You may need to book a hotel for the night too.

Ask for Permission to Move in as Early as Possible

If settlement day for both properties happens to occur on the same day, ask the owners of your new home if you can move in early that morning--before settlement takes place. That way, you can get the place cleaned and ready for your removalists to move stuff in without worrying about any nasty surprises lying in store.

Find a Removalist with Experience in Settlement Day Moves

Moves that occur on the same day as the settlement, in either direction, are not as rare as you might think. Some removalists, especially those with years of experience, will have encountered this issue many times. Call around until you find one with the knowledge of how to deal with your situation. Their insight will be invaluable to you before, in the midst of, and after your move.

If they have seen it all before, they will know what you need to prepare for, who to call, and what to do on the morning of your move etc, to ensure your move progresses smoothly. If you are moving on settlement day, don't overlook this opportunity because you need to be ready for whatever Murphy's law throws your way.

Although moving on settlement day will likely be one of your greatest challenges, if done right, it may also become one of your greatest achievements. 

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