Preparing Your Items for Self Storage

A self-storage unit is a great way to keep excess belongings secure, either during a temporary situation like a move or over a longer period. Before you load your items into a storage space, however, you can help to keep them safe and fresh with correct packing. 

Think about what you need

Putting items into storage is an ideal time to make decisions about what you do and don't need to keep. Before you pack, get rid of books you don't plan on reading again, films you're not going to watch, and clothes you no longer wear. You can sell these items, give them away, or donate them to charity, but putting them into storage will simply waste space. 

Distribute items

Cardboard moving boxes are an easy way to store and transport your books, clothes, dishes and other items. However, overloaded cardboard boxes can split, spilling your belongings, while partially-full boxes can crush or deform when they're stacked. To prevent this, you need to make sure that your boxes are full but not overloaded. Begin packing each box with a layer of heavy items like books, electronics or other items. Pad the rest of the box out with lighter, softer material like clothes or bedding. Your boxes will be lighter and moving them will be both easier and safer. 

Take it apart

Large furniture items can be tricky to move, especially in one piece. Before moving items like bed frames, bookcases, desks or tables, take them apart and pack the disassembled pieces together. If you have loose screws, shelf supports or other small parts, keep them together in a small plastic bag. If possible, attach it to part of the item; alternatively, label it clearly in permanent marker. To protect large pieces such as tabletops, wrap them in a layer of padding; you can get furniture pads from most moving companies, or simply use old bedding. 

Label clearly 

A storage unit is more than just a place to warehouse your belongings; you may find yourself returning to it many times to retrieve items or add new ones. To avoid confusion, you'll need to label your storage solutions clearly. Identify the contents of each box using permanent marker and make sure to stack or shelve them with the labelled side clearly visible. If you're dealing with a larger storage space, it may be handy to make a quick sketch map and keep it near the entrance. 

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