5 Furniture Storage Tips You Should Remember

How can I ensure my furniture stays in good condition when in a storage unit? Read on and discover some helpful tips that will enable you to safeguard your furniture against deterioration while it is in storage.

Group Disassembled Components

It is usually advisable to disassemble your furniture before you take it into the storage unit. This helps to reduce the space occupied by the furniture. However, reassembling the furniture can become difficult in case you weren't methodical when storing the various components. It is better to stack all the different components from a piece of furniture together so that you can easily tell which piece goes where.

Cover the Floor

It is a good idea to cover the floor of your storage unit before you start moving the furniture in. Moving blankets or thick plastic sheets can suffice. Covering the floor will prevent that floor from being damaged as you move furniture over it. The furniture will also be protected from being damaged in case it is dragged on the floor.

Keep It Upright

You can reduce the space used by stacking as many of the furniture pieces in an upright position as possible. This is particularly applicable for the disassembled segments of larger furniture. Delicate furniture, such as your mirrors, should also be kept upright. This will prevent those items from collapsing due to their own weight if they are stored in a horizontal position.

Use Drop Clothes

Get some drop clothes or furniture covers and place them on your furniture. This will shield the furniture from dust and rapid temperature changes during the storage period. Don't seal the lower sections of the materials which you have used to cover the furniture. Always provide an allowance for circulation of air so that condensation doesn't form underneath the covers.

Check the Unit Frequently

Find time to check the condition of the storage unit frequently, such as once each month. These checks will help you to fix any issues, such as leaks, which may have developed after you stored your furniture in that storage unit. Use these periodic checks to adjust the climate control system in case any adjustment is needed.

Different pieces of furniture may require different storage methods. For example, your large piano may need to be packed in a specific way before it is put into storage. Work with moving and storage experts to secure those delicate or abnormally heavy items so that they aren't damaged during the process of taking them into storage.

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