Handy Furniture Removal Tips for Busy People

When you're leading a busy life and you're about to move house, it sometimes feels as though no amount of preparation is enough. If you feel as though there aren't enough hours in the day to make your furniture removals easier, try using the following tips:

Make your packing time a daily habit

Before assuming that you don't have any free time at all, take a look at your other daily habits. If you dedicate half-an-hour each evening to binge-watching TV shows, it's probably worth donating some of those time slots to packing up your house. While it may feel as though you're losing out on leisure time, try to see it as a stress-busting experience. When you're able to gradually dismantle the items you don't rely on each day, your stress levels should plummet.

Ask each family member to perform a purge

If you're not living alone and other household members could make a contribution, now's the time to ensure they do. Ask each person who's capable of sifting through their worldly goods to spend an afternoon ruthlessly decluttering. To help them along, set the following rules:

  • Throw away any furniture they don't use
  • Ditch items they haven't used for three months or more
  • Recycle broken and faulty items

If you live in a four-bedroom home and you save two boxes per bedroom with a decluttering session, you'll save time and money when moving house.

Turn to a team of professionals

If your budget allows for it, ask the people who are moving you into your new property if they provide a packing service. Professional removers have the skills and workforce power to turn heavy jobs into a light task. Many can provide an on-the-day service, which means they'll come to your property and pack it away in the space of a morning. If you truly have no free time at all, using a professional furniture removal packing service can alleviate your stress.

Create a plan for the other end

There's no denying that assembling furniture is a time-consuming process. It can also feel overwhelming if you don't plan it in advance. Rather than picking items at random, choose them in order of importance depending on when you're most likely to need them. Everything else can wait until you have more time to spare.

With a careful approach and a little planning, moving furniture when you're busy is manageable. If all else fails, ask your friends and family if they have time to help.

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