Two Reasons to Hire a Piano Removalist to Transport Your Piano When You Move House

If you own a piano and need to move house, you should not try to move this instrument without the aid of a professional piano removalist. Read on to find out why.

Moving it yourself could be extremely dangerous

If you try to move your piano without any assistance from a piano removalist, there is a very real risk that you may injure yourself or someone else.

The reason for this is as follows; a typical upright piano can often weigh over a hundred kilos. As such, transporting it from one property to another without professional assistance would require a great deal of physical strength.

If neither you nor the friend or family member who is helping you with this task are very strong, there is a risk that you could drop the piano.

For example, if you and your friend are carrying this item down a flight of stairs and whoever is at the top of the staircase loses their grip on the piano, the instrument could fall onto the other person, causing them to topple backwards down the stairs and then be crushed by the piano landing on top of them.

Because, as mentioned above, pianos are extremely heavy, the weight of it could easily leave a person with fatal injuries.

As such, if you wish to avoid being injured (or accidentally injuring someone else), it is best to arrange for a professional piano removalist to transport your instrument.

Moving it on your own could make your house move far more expensive

One of the main reasons why lots of piano-owners decide against hiring a removalist to help them transport their instrument when they move house is because of the costs involved.

However, choosing not to use the services of a piano removalist could make your house move even more expensive than you originally anticipated.

The reason for this is as follows; without the right type of experience and the appropriate lifting tools, the chances of you successfully transporting the piano from your old house to your new one will be very low.

The reality is that you will probably end up making a mistake that will not only damage the piano itself but which will also damage either your current home or your new property.

For example, trying to manoeuvre a bulky, heavy piano around a sharp corner in your new home could easily lead to you scraping the side of the piano against the wall. This could leave scratches on the piano and damage the wall plaster.

Likewise, if you accidentally knock the piano against the banister whilst carrying it down a staircase, you could dent the piano and break one or more of the banister's spindles.

In these situations, you would not only have to pay a piano repair person to fix the scratches or dents in your piano but would also have to hire a tradesman to patch up the damaged wall plaster or replace the broken spindles.

In addition to being very time-consuming, these two forms of repair work would almost certainly cost more than paying a piano removalist to safely transport your instrument.

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