Storage Units: Three Indispensable Guidelines for Using Your Space Efficiently

If you are planning on downsizing or decluttering your home, you should think about using a storage unit. This is the perfect solution if you would like to preserve valuable and meaningful items for later access. Moreover, you can minimise your moving costs and general labour by reducing the total load by storing. Unfortunately, the long-term costs of using a storage unit can be high. Therefore, you will need to use the space efficiently. Here are some critical tips to help you get the most from your storage unit.

Choose a Suitable Unit

It is essential to begin the self-storage process by choosing a suitable unit. In simple terms, you will not attain optimal benefits if the chosen space does not match your needs. Therefore, consider going around your house while noting down the items that you would like to store. This should give you a rough idea of the amount of space needed for storage. Then, check with your chosen service provider and determine the best match.

Use Standard Containers

If you are planning on storing a lot of loose or small items, you will need some storage containers or boxes. Often, people use the cartons and other containers available in their home. This might seem like the cheaper option, but it can cost you a lot of space in your storage unit. In simple terms, containers of different sizes and designs do not stack well. Therefore, you will find that a lot of space is wasted due to the use of diverse containers. Where possible, choose containers of the same size for easier handling and placement.

Take Apart the Furniture

Storing furniture in a storage unit can be a difficult undertaking. However, it might be necessary if you would like to put away a valuable piece that does not match your immediate needs or current décor. It is crucial to plan for the furniture to avoid using up all the space. You should begin the process of storage by taking apart the large pieces. Be sure to store all the small components in labelled bags. When you place the large pieces in the storage unit, plan on stacking your containers on top to maximise space usage.

Finally, you should fill in the gaps between the containers and the furniture with some of your smaller items. For instance, mirrors, frames, blankets and even bicycles can be squeezed in the remaining gaps. If you get creative, you can save a lot of space. 

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