Three Types Of Storage Spaces You Should Take Advantage Of

Storage is always going to be an issue for anyone who lives in a major metropolitan hub scattered around Australia, and even those in smaller cities and towns can find a use for external storage. Having the ability to securely keep important documents, furniture, antiques, heirlooms, electronics, clothing and all sorts of other personal items is a great modern luxury, but it is also one that many people are aware of. Here are three other types of storage spaces that you might never have heard of that can help you out when you don't have any space for these speciality items at home.


Vehicle storage spaces offer you protection from the elements, be it rain, hail or shine, as well as the general muck that comes from keeping your car parked outside. For those who have vehicles that are passion projects or collector's items in their own right, storing them in a secure space is difficult at home. Unless you have a multi-million dollar property with ample indoor parking, vehicle storage can be a big issue. Luckily, many storage facilities offer vehicle parking for all sorts of sizes of cars or trucks, and it is relatively cheap when you compare it to long-term parking options (which are not as protected).


Wine is another collectable item that takes up a lot of room when you start building up your collection. There are a lot of wine enthusiasts who simply have too many bottles that they don't want to open in the near future, and storing them at home is quite difficult. Luckily, there are wine storage spaces in every major self-storage facility, and these are kept at regulated temperatures with ample wine racks so that the liquid inside is kept in the desired state, waiting for you to pop it open one day.

Gun Lockers

Guns might not be very commonplace across Australia, but for those who do require them for work or as tools on their farm, they can be quite a pain to keep stored. A lot of owners simply do not want their guns on their property, particularly if they have small children or constantly have guests over. There are many gun storage spaces that meet all the requirements for gun safes and allow you to make sure these firearms are within an easy reaching distance when you need them, but out of sight and mind otherwise. 

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