Everything You Need to Do Before Relocating Your Office

There's no doubt that moving offices can be a stressful process. Coordinating all your furnishings, supplies, and equipment, packing everything up, and unpacking in a new space can be a lot to handle. However, when you know how to approach the task in advance, your relocation is sure to go smoothly. Here are 3 easy tips to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

1. Set a budget

Unless you plan on undertaking the vast task of office relocation on your own, you'll need to set a budget. If you're not careful, relocating can quickly eat into your bottom line, and losing money will only add to your stress. To avoid this, you'll want to calculate all the necessary expenses in advance and make sure they fall within your price range. Services like moving companies, cleaning services, mail redirection as well as equipment like moving boxes, and packing tape are a must during removals, so planning ahead is the smart thing to do. Once your budget is set, consider setting aside a backup fund which will be your best friend in case of unforeseen expenses.

2. Pay attention to your documents

Organising important documents is another important step to take before relocating your office. Furniture is replaceable, but losing documents could cripple your business. Set all your important papers aside ahead of moving day and choose a way to safely store them. Lockboxes, lockable filing cabinets, and briefcases are all potential solutions. Alternatively, this may be a good time to digitise all your documents by scanning them into a computer. Having backups stored on hard drives or cloud storage will ensure your business survives if anything happens to your paper documents. 

3. Plan your new office in advance

Remember that the moving process doesn't end when your furniture removals company arrives at the new office. Whether your company will handle setting up your furniture or you plan on doing it yourself, unpacking at your new office will be one of the most important parts of the move. As such, before moving, be sure to decide where you'd like to place all your furniture. This may require careful consideration if your new office is bigger or smaller than your current office. If you're contracting a removals company to unpack for you, there are two ways to go about the process: direct the workers yourself on the day, or have an office layout drawn up for the workers to follow on their own. 

For more information on furniture removals, contact a company near you.

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