4 Signs You Should Use Self-Storage Facilities When You Move

There are plenty of things to think about when you're moving home, and one of the most important things to sort out is the transportation of your furniture and other belongings from the old place to the new one. Many homeowners simply move everything in one go, but you can also have removalists put some of your items into self-storage. In fact, some removalists will offer their own storage services.

Here are just four signs it might be the right move.

1. You're Having Work Done

Sometimes you get to move into a new home that's perfect the way it is, but most homeowners will find themselves wanting to make a few changes. That could be as insignificant as repainting a few walls or involve major building work that changes the entire layout. In such cases, you may only want to move in with the essentials. With most items stored, you won't have to worry about damaging things or go through the annoyance of moving them around.

2. You Have a Lot to Transport

It's often surprising just how much a home contains, and that can make moving especially tricky. If you have a huge amount to transport, it might work best to store some of it instead of going straight to the new place with everything you own. This will allow you to take your time packing up at your old place and setting up at your new place, so it's going to make things a lot less stressful.

3. You're Moving to a Smaller Property

People often move to a larger home, but sometimes you'll be downsizing. This might be down to anything from the kids finally leaving home to simply not wanting so much space to keep clean. In any case, moving from a larger property to a smaller one means you'll probably need to make some sacrifices when it comes to furniture and other larger items. Putting them in storage provides the time to decide exactly what should go to your new property once you've taken possession and can try things out. If you're planning to sell some of those items, it makes more sense to keep them in storage instead of having them clutter up your new home.

4. You Want to Get Settled  

Finally, you might simply want to get settled yourself instead of diving right into the process of unpacking all the boxes, putting together all your furniture, and setting up all your electronics. It might not be the most practical reason to take advantage of self-storage when you move, but it can help make the whole experience more peaceful and give you the time to relax and make yourself at home.

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