Tips for Moving House with Removalists

Moving house involves a lot of stress, with many things to organise and remember. However, professional furniture removalists will make the process go much faster. Here are some tips to keep in mind for moving day.

The Box Labelling Process

While you may have many bulky furniture items for the removalists to move, you probably also have numerous boxes. To prevent things from getting out of hand, make sure to label the boxes carefully so the removalists know immediately where to put each one in your new home.

Firstly and simply label the boxes with large print on all four sides, writing the room where each belongs. This will help the removalist as well as assist you with unpacking in an ordered way. You can use a colour-coded system, assigning each room a colour. You should also specify boxes full of breakables with a "fragile" sticker. With regard to large electronic items such as a TV, use the original packaging, if possible, which will offer the most snug protection.

Preparing Furniture

You should also prepare the furniture so the removalists can easily carry each piece. Remove loose elements, such as shelves in a bookcase. Empty drawers and pack everything in boxes. You might also want to disassemble cumbersome things such as beds and tables. Removing protruding elements like the legs will enable these things to be stored more compactly in the truck, possibly reducing the number of required trips.

A Clear Passage

You should also consider the speed and safety with which the removalists can walk through your house. Create a clear path free of the clutter of rugs and other things that could trip them up. The removalists will be busy manoeuvring furniture and won't always be able to watch for obstacles on the ground. Opening doors and windows can provide a touch of extra space for them to handle bulky items.

Leaving it up to the Professionals

Once your boxes and furniture are prepared and access is assured, you can leave the removal process in the hands of the removalists. They are not only experienced at physically moving and transporting items but also in the organisation of the moving process. Having done it many times, they can work out the order in which to load things and the number of trips it will take. Thus, you can leave it in their hands while you assist, which will remove a lot of the burden from you. That is the benefit of hiring professionals.

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